Medical Aid – Dialysis Treatment


For people who suffer from kidney failure, dialysis is part of their daily life. Dialysis is a procedure that performs the duties of kidneys – filtering waste from the bloodstream.

Regular dialysis can allow individuals to continue living productive lives even though their kidneys no longer work adequately.

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The right to stay healthy & active is an inalienable human right for a well-off and flourishing life where no one can achieve good health without having access to adequate health-care services.

The blessing of good health is central to well-being. Autonomy, the ability to function, learn and progress all depend health. Providing medical aid is not only done to save lives therefore but to improve the quality of living.

In developing countries such as Pakistan, prohibitively expensive healthcare services have left many poor people to suffer from often treatable ailments. Healthcare services are also limited and unevenly distributed between urban and rural areas, further compounding the problem.

Human hope provides free healthcare services to the poor and elderly across Pakistan in partnership with Ummah Welfare Trust.

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