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Human Hope always strives to encourage people to start their own projects like setting up a business. We are aiming to sponsor start-up businesses across Pakistan.

Often people in poor and developing countries are very enthusiastic and hardworking but due to the lack of access to investment and opportunities their talent goes to waste.

We invest money and training in small stalls, shops & farming projects – helping older people to become self-sufficient.

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A step towards self-reliance

New Livelihood interventions includes all those attempts which address poverty, unemployment, and lack of economic opportunities for increasing participants’ ability to generate income and sustained livelihoods.

Poverty and unemployment have severely impacted social as well as economic well-being of millions of Pakistanis making survival extremely challenging for the economically insecure households.

As the famous saying goes; “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”- under this motto Human Hope have started implementing Income Generation Projects for those who are struggling with financial needs but are able to fend for themselves.

In less developed countries, female-headed households tend to have less access to land or other resources to offset against any uncertainties they may face. Therefore, most of the recipients targeted in Human Hope’s income-generating schemes are widows.

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