Ummah Children's Academy

A dream to a bright future

The values which Islam has laid out for a loving, brotherly society can be understood by looking at the importance the religion has placed upon looking after orphans. Taking care of an orphan is one of the greatest doors of good that the Shari’ah has brought.

“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,’ placing his index and middle fingers together, (Sahih al-Bukhari)

To sponsor a child in Ummah children Academy for one month is £40. This includes high quality modern & Islamic education, full time boarding, medical treatment, clothing & transport.

Full-time Care for Orphans

In 2003, Ummah Welfare Trust purchased five acres of land in the Nowshera district of Pakistan, with the goal of creating an orphanage that would provide unmatched care suffering orphans in Pakistan.

Construction began in 2005 and following considerable sacrifices, the Ummah Children’s Academy was established in just a short period of time. Today this unique orphanage provides full-time care to over 500 orphans from across Pakistan.

Children at the academy are provided with a high-quality education, are given regular medical check-ups, three meals and supplementary snacks each day; made-to-measure clothing; and support for their families/guardians.

Outside of school hours, children receive constant supervision from staff and social workers. They are encouraged to play sports, continue further study and learn about Islam.

Human Hope have been providing support to Ummah welfare Trust and working in partnership with them to fully realise the potential of the Ummah Children’s Academy.

For Human Hope, sponsoring an orphan means loving him, sheltering him and guiding him to live in this world. The Ummah Children’s Academy in Nowshera, Pakistan, has been an undertaking that has captured these ideals.

The Best Education

Since its beginning, the Ummah Children’s Academy has shown that a child’s educational merit is not defined by his family’s wealth, ethnicity or privilege but rather by his own ability and dedication.

In 2013, in the BISE Mardan examinations that take place annually in Pakistan, children in the 9th and 10th classes from the Academy excelled. The average mark at the academy was comparable, and even higher, than those of many private schools in the country.

50,824 students from a total of 936 schools took part in the examinations. Despite the huge number of participants, two students from the Ummah Children’s Academy were ranked in the top 20 for outstanding results.

Thanks to sincere efforts, these children have been given the chance to shine and showcase their abilities to those who have been endowed with much more.

To sponsor a child in Ummah children’s Academy for one month is £40. This includes high quality modern & Islamic education, full time boarding, medical treatment, clothing & transport.

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