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"The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever."

— Muslim

Human Hope is a UK-based international relief and development charity established in 2001. Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity, and selflessness, the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world.

The rights of those who are neglected and oppressed are fulfilled by providing sustainable development solutions relating to shelter, education, health, and spiritual wellbeing.

100% Donation Policy

This is achieved by:

  • Providing emergency relief, such as food and medical aid, to victims of conflict and natural disasters.
  • Providing clean potable water by constructing tube wells and hand pumps and trucking water to needy areas.
  • Establishing medical and rehabilitation clinics, especially for the treatment of women and children.
  • Implementing income generation projects to help victims break their dependence on hand-outs.
  • Sponsoring orphans and widows and ensuring their rights are fulfilled.
  • Reconstructing and maintaining homes, masjids, orphanages and schools.
Projects You Can Support

Donations Policy

Donations change and save lives. Every single penny that you donate is therefore used solely for charitable efforts.

Transparent Expenditure

Human Hope monitors every donation to ensure that distinct Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah funds are spent correctly.

Striving for Change

Since 2001, Human Hope has delivered your donations to help over 30 million people around the Ummah.

Accountability & Transparency

Human Hope operates under the guidance of scholars who ensure that the organisation's duties are always fulfilled. With accountability to the Almighty, we strive for complete transparency in all our dealings.

All funds are carefully monitored and reviewed by experts to ensure that donations are managed effectively, reflecting our commitment to integrity in every action.

We maintain a clear and transparent audit trail from our donors to our beneficiaries.

Note: Human Hope does not engage in door-to-door collections. If someone approaches you claiming to represent us, please notify us immediately.

We always provide receipts for donations. Always ensure to receive a receipt when you support our causes.


Together, we make a difference in the lives of millions

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