Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy and do not sell or share your personal data for marketing purposes. This statement outlines why we collect your data, how it may be shared under certain conditions, and your rights concerning your personal data. We're committed to transparency and ensuring you can exercise your privacy rights effectively.

Who We Are

Human Hope is registered in the UK with charity number 1154461. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data. This privacy policy outlines our methods for collecting, storing, and utilizing data, ensuring transparency and security in every step of our engagement with you, our supporters, and beneficiaries.

Our Commitment

With unwavering dedication, we strive to protect the personal data of our donors, volunteers, and the communities we serve. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability, we work towards a future where every action and decision is a step towards global equity.

Data Collection

Our organisation is committed to transparency in the collection of personal data. We collect information essential for our operations, including names, contact details, and payment information, to facilitate donations and provide updates effectively.

How We Use Your Data

The data we collect supports our mission by allowing us to process donations, comply with legal obligations, and keep you informed about projects and campaigns. We also use it to personalize your experience and ensure our communications are relevant.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

We value your privacy and only share your data under necessary circumstances, such as legal compliance, with trusted service providers, or with your consent. Our practices ensure the protection of your rights and compliance with data protection laws.

Your Rights Over Your Personal Data

You have the right to access, object to use, request portability, erasure, and rectification of your personal data. For any concerns, contact us at the below details to receive a comprehensive response and exercise your rights.

Contact Information

44 Lincoln Street
Oldham, OL9 7NR
United Kingdom

Phone: +0161-2130035