About Us

Human Hope is a dedicated charity organisation run by a group of volunteers committed to making a difference. With the grace of Allah SWT and the generous support of our community, we have successfully funded various international projects in partnership with other charitable organisations. Our mission is to provide hope and aid to those in need, and we believe that together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Our Commitments

Donations Policy

Every penny you donate is used solely for charitable efforts to change and save lives.

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Transparent Expenditure

We monitor every donation to ensure that funds are spent correctly and transparently.

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Striving for Change

Our efforts have supported millions, driving change and providing relief across the globe.

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Types of Charity

There are two main types of charity in Islam: Zakat and Sadaqah. However, there are other forms of charity within Islamic tradition, each with its own rules and purposes.

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"The best deed is to create happiness for a believer, whether you cover his nakedness, feed his hunger or fulfil his need." - [Tabarani]

Our Impact

Charity Events

Upcoming events and activities focused on fundraising and awareness.

Fundraising Campaigns

Join our efforts to support those in need through various fundraising campaigns.

Volunteer Stories

Read about the experiences and impacts our volunteers have had around the world.

Charity Education

Learn about the causes we support and how education plays a vital role in charity.

Community Support

How our charity initiatives are strengthening communities and making a difference.

Charity News

The latest updates and news on our ongoing and future charity projects.

Islamic Resources

Zakat Calculator

Calculate your Zakat accurately and ensure your contribution helps those in need. Use our easy-to-use calculator to fulfill this important pillar of Islam.

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Prayer Times Finder

Never miss a prayer with our accurate Prayer Times Finder. Enter your location to discover the prayer times for your area.

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