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Orphans & Widows Sponsorship

"The true measure of any society is how its most vulnerable are looked after."

Human Hope is committed to supporting the most vulnerable in society - widows and orphans in regions with little social support like Kashmir and Pakistan. We aim to ensure that these families are not left to struggle alone, providing them with the necessary financial assistance to maintain their dignity and meet their household needs.

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In the face of rising inflation and increasing desperation, Human Hope works diligently to support widowed and orphaned families through monthly financial grants. These grants are a lifeline, helping with essential household needs and safeguarding the assets and dignity of those in dire circumstances. Particularly in less developed countries, widows lack the mobility and societal access that men generally possess, making them susceptible to exploitation. According to Islamic teachings, the community has a responsibility to step in when family support is absent. Human Hope embodies this principle, supporting hundreds of widows across Pakistan to provide them with a secure home, food, clothing, and education for their children. For the many orphans living in poverty without educational support, Human Hope's sponsorship programme is a beacon of hope. It aims not only for the physical well-being of a child but also for their safety and happiness. Through your sponsorship and our field workers' regular visits, we ensure each child's welfare. By committing to a monthly donation, you can secure an orphan's future, affording them nutritious food, warm clothing, proper education, and regular health checkups in a safe environment. Join us in our mission to sponsor orphans and spread enduring love across the globe.