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Marriage Grant

"Helping to facilitate marriage is not just a celebration of unity, but a duty of care we extend to our brothers and sisters seeking to complete half their faith."

Human Hope understands that amidst the escalating poverty in Pakistan, the sanctity of marriage is under threat for many families. Human Hope dedicates itself to preserving this social building block through the provision of marriage assistance funds. Recognizing the pivotal role of marriage in society and as a moral safeguard, the charity ensures that financial constraints do not compromise the dignity of this sacred union.
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Human Hope's Marriage Assistance Fund is a beacon of support for families struggling with the financial demands of wedding preparations. With a special focus on orphans and the extremely impoverished, the fund provides essential items such as furniture, clothing, and utensils to facilitate dignified matrimonial ceremonies. Recognizing marriage as a tradition of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and integral to the social fabric of Pakistan, the fund upholds the right of every individual to enter into marriage with honor. A contribution of £500 is estimated to support one marriage, covering the costs that form the foundation of a new family unit. Your generous donations can help turn the tide against the hardships faced by the less fortunate, offering them a start filled with hope and stability.